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Were you exposed?

Do you feel ill? If you were in contact with someone who discovers that they have Covid-19 and may have had it at the time that you came in contact with them, and even though you may have gotten a negative Covid-19 test result you could still have Covid-19 and be a carrier!

If you were exposed to Covid-19 it can take up to 3-days before you could produce a positive Covid-19 test result. It can take up to 14-days before any symptoms of Covid-19 show up. Most cases result in recovery within 5-Days. More serious cases of Covid-19 requiring hospitalization are usually resolved by 25-days resulting in either recovery or death.

At greatest risk are people over 65 years old, and people with pre-existing health conditions including high blood pressure, heart or lung disease, or diabetes, etc.

During the time from infection to recovery someone can still be contagious!