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Tested Positive?

If you tested positive for Covid-19: Answer these questions to help you decide whether to seek medical care.

- Do you have any of these life-threatening symptoms? If yes, then you should go to the urgent care or emergency room immediately, call them & tell them that you suspect that you may have Covid-19 so that they can prepare for your arrival! And, notify your primary physician.
- Bluish lips or face
- Severe and constant pain or pressure in the chest
- Extreme difficulty breathing (such as gasping for air, being unable to talk without catching their breath, severe wheezing, nostrils flaring)
- New disorientation (acting confused)
- Unconscious or very difficult to wake up
- Slurred speech or difficulty speaking (new or worsening)
- New or worsening seizures
- Signs of low blood pressure (too weak to stand, dizziness, lightheaded, feeling cold, pale, clammy skin)
- Dehydration (dry lips and mouth, not urinating much, sunken eyes)

What do you do if you or a household member tested positive for COVID-19?

¿Qué debe hacer si usted o un miembro de su hogar dieron positivo por COVID-19?